Greenery outside-(Greenery garden design)

Friends, come to my green world.

The greenery outside is an idea that can be done in today’s world. So I thought I would talk a little about it. I would like it very much if I could change the world. But if not all, but a few people who read this will follow the green path, that is my hope. Will is the same. Let’s talk today.

Greenery outside-(Greenery garden design)

Do we need an environmentally friendly house?

Before all, I say that the first reason is that if we want to live in a beautiful, free, and peaceful environment, we need a house like this.

Secondly, the air we breathe affects our survival a lot. If we want to breathe in a clean atmosphere, these eco-friendly houses are the best place for us.

Then another important thing that we must talk about is how this eco-friendly concept affects our economy. Today, a highly efficient water and energy system means a very high price to be paid. Therefore, in the greenery concept, we use the natural energies efficiently in our home. Then it will be a big advantage for the environment as well as our economy.

After, Under this concept, the amount of chemical energy that collides with the environment will be reduced. Then we will have many other advantages. Due to the prevention of the release of harmful carbon into the atmosphere, the pollution of our environment will also be reduced. Because the amount of carbon emitted by a green house is very low and because we use the waste released at home as energy, the accumulation of waste in a house is reduced.

Also, one of the most important things for us is the maintenance of a house after it is built. So, if you go for this greenery concept, you will have to maintain a house at a very small cost. Also, a green building is more durable than an artificial building. You may have seen the house designs built by your ancestors still surviving today. You have the same example to understand this, don’t you?

Greenery outside-(Greenery garden design)

greenery outside idea

What I have told you is important for everyone who is asking for a healthy home life without harmful chemicals that are good for the environment. Also, as a help to you, I will mention some environmentally friendly greenery outside below.

01. If you can build a house in a small amount of space without taking up a lot of space, it will be naturally friendly. For that, you should think about vertical houses rather than horizontal houses. As well as having a small carbon footprint, the cost and number of water pipes will also be minimized.

02. A greenery outside can be made by designing low-volume bathrooms, kitchen water installations, and low-flow toilets. It is best to collect rainwater and waste water from your kitchen and put them on your garden plants. Due to the environmental pollution, climate change, and drought conditions that occur with the increase in population, we must think about water conservation in the green concept.

03. Use an automatic thermostat so that even when we are not at home, the temperature will decrease automatically.

04. In building an eco-friendly house, the materials used are very important. For that, it is very important to use recycled and reusable materials.

05. It is very appropriate to build small houses according to our needs. The negative effects of a small house on the environment are very minimal, and they are significantly higher in large houses.

06. By using solar panels, we can meet the electricity needs of the entire house. This gives you a great financial benefit. Also, solar panels are very valuable in building a green location.

07. You can use low-energy, long-lasting, environment-friendly lighting. For this, lighting such as LED and CFL is very suitable.


To create a very simple green world, you must first start at home. When you step into a green world step by step, you can definitely be a special person who contributed to creating a great future.

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