Greenery roof – Designing a Sustainable Deck

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Greenery roof

In a world where architecture is emerging in several ways, we can see that sustainable architecture has more chances. Sustainability is an exceptional reason that touches on the future reality of the world. In a sustainable home, a green roof is one of the main features, and we get many benefits from it. We also call greenery roof, which are created in harmony with nature, “living roofs.”

A green roof is not only a section that increases the allure of a house; it also increases the natural beauty of the city environment. We can build a green roof without any negative impact on the environment. Today we will talk about how to build a green roof step by step.

Benefits of Greenery roof:

01. Urban Heat Island Mitigation : Green roofs absorb and release heat; thus, green roofs are very useful to refresh the city with a cool environment.

02. to get a quality clean atmosphere : During the creation of green roofs, plants are planted there, so more oxygen is added to the atmosphere. This gives us very clean air to breathe.

03. Water management : A greenery roof absorbs rainwater due to its substrate and trees. Reduces stress on rainwater runoff and water transportation systems.

04. Energy Efficiency : Because green roofs are natural insulators, the need for air conditioning is greatly reduced in the summer, and the house is kept warm in the winter.

05. High biodiversity : Various plants, various insects, and various birds live on a green roof. Then a local ecosystem is created in an urban environment, and urban biodiversity increases.

06. Reduces noise : When we make a green roof, we make it with several substrates and include vegetation, so such a roof works as a sound controller. Architects say this is a valuable idea to reduce the environmental harassment caused by excessive noise in an urban environment.

Innovative greenery roof Designs

01. Intensive Green Roofs: If we study the basic plan of this green roof, it will have various plants, from small grasses to trees. In fact, it has an attractive appearance that is second to none in a lush ground-level garden.

02. Extensive Green Roofs: These light roofs can be installed on large buildings. Light plants such as grass are used here, so maintenance is minimal.

Greenery roof

03. Biodiverse Roofs: This is ideal if you want to create a roof that is close to the natural environment by incorporating native plants and animals. This is a beautiful roof with the highest biodiversity.

04. Edible Green Roofs: This type of rooftop is suitable for those who love to cultivate crops. Many people in today’s society practice growing their desired vegetables, fruits, and herbs on the roof.

Modern technology and materials

01. Hydroponic and Aeroponic Systems: Using soil-less systems when planting plants on roofs can efficiently use resources in less space.

02. Modular Green Roofs: Irrigation systems are created here, which makes maintenance easier.

03. Use of solar panels for roofs

04. Smart Irrigation Systems: Water use is done here with self-powered technology.

Environmental Impact and Urban Transformation

01. Climate Resilience: A green roof has the ability to reduce the temperature. It also has the ability to manage rainwater. Therefore, a green roof can cope well with the climate changes that occur in an urban environment.

02. Ecosystem Services: A green roof reduces air pollution and conserves water.

03. Architectural Aesthetics


We who live in the industrial world have lost our relationship with nature. So we must enter the green world step by step. That way, no matter how urbanized we live, we can improve our mental health as well as our physical health. That is why we are talking about a green roof today. It will be a very valuable investment for the well-being of the world in the future. If you can build the old house as well as the newly built house with a green roof, it will be a great help to you as well as the world.

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