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Home renovation

Today we are talking to all the people who are already living in their own houses. Someday We will have the opportunity to renovate the home we live in. It can be done in different ways, according to our wishes.However, if we can repair our houses in such a way that the green nature is highlighted, it is very valuable. So today we will talk about how to repair our house in such a way that the green environment is highlighted.

Floor & Roof (Home renovation)

01. Repair the floor using reclaimed or renewable wood

When renovating a house, we need to think a lot about the floor. In order to increase the attractiveness of the house, the materials should be chosen considering things like environmental friendliness, convenience for residents, and strong durability. The best solution here is to use reclaimed or regenerated wood.

We can get wooden cork and bamboo as the best alternatives. These are very durable and resistant to moisture.

02. Green roofs

I think the most suitable decision in the world today is to apply a green roof to your house. Here, you can do this for the whole house or a part of the house you choose. This makes the house beautiful and very friendly to the environment. There are several green roofs that you need with low cost and low maintenance. I have written a complete description of green roofs in another post. Choose green roofs and replace them in your home. Read it. It will be more important for you.

Home renovation

Paint & other materials (Home renovation)

01. VOC-free paint.

When painting the walls, we need to be careful about the type of paint.Due to the volatile organic compounds (VOC) in the paint, harmful compounds are added to the atmosphere. When people breathe, these can be absorbed into the body and cause various diseases.Therefore, it is important that we find very low-VOC or VOC-free paints.

02. Chemical-free products.

Nowadays, the chemicals in many materials in the construction industry are highly valued. These are also very harmful to the skin. Therefore, we should be careful to choose materials without formaldehyde.

03. Recycled glass.

Now there are many places on the market that produce and sell bioglass. So by putting such glass in our kitchen, bedroom, and living room, we can get good natural light at home. We can also reduce the electricity bill.

04. Using Reclaimed Materials

Scrap metal and reclaimed wood are ideal for home doors, windows, and furniture. This reduces damage to trees and is good for the environment as well as humans.

Also, you can reuse things like old bricks without throwing them away.

 Energies (Home renovation)

01. Switch to green energy

Nowadays, many people are switching to green energy. The biggest reason for that is that it is a great convenience for the economy, and it is possible to use those energies without restrictions. And it has become very important for environmental friendliness.

We can make wind turbines to generate electricity, and we can also use solar panels. Wind and the sun are very powerful natural energies that do not deplete easily.

02. Choose energy-efficient appliances.

The bulbs and electrical appliances we use at home should be chosen in such a way that they have less negative impact on the environment.

It is important to use light bulbs that require less energy and release less heat into the environment. These are also very good in terms of durability. 

Also, we can choose environmentally friendly equipment when buying washing machines, freezers, refrigerators, washing machines, etc.

03. Consider a renewable heating system.

Residents of wintery countries often need additional heating at that time. It is much better if this heating can be obtained through other natural methods than through electricity. We can use underground heat pumps here. Also, heating rooms using wood is very good for the environment. a method.

Other important things (Home renovation)

01. Install low-flow devices.

Most of the water we use at home goes to the bathroom and toilets. (Approximately 30%).Therefore, we must be concerned about water efficiency. Shower faucets, toilets, and sink faucets should be switched to low-flow plumbing systems.

Also, choose a dual-flush system for the toilet. You can get them without much difficulty in today’s market.

02. Quality insulation & Ventilation

It is also very important to use high-quality insulation. This work is important during the winter.Installing a good insulation system is a big advantage for our economy and can also reduce our carbon footprint.

No matter what area your house is in, it should be designed in such a way that natural air flows into it. Adding fewer walls and more windows is also a good solution.Also, it is advisable to install a radon-ventilation system in homes in areas with high levels of radon, which is a carcinogen.

03. Recycling

Recycling is very important when renovating an eco-friendly house. Here, you need to recycle materials as well as water. You can do things like collect rainwater, reuse it, and give the water that flows through the gutters to your garden plants.


When renovating a house, if we tend to do it in an environmentally friendly way, it is very important for the existence of a sustainable world. Here we have mentioned only a few things, and many more can be found by exploring. We will talk more about it in the future. However, the things I talked about today are very useful for those who are renovating a house.

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