Low budget simple house

Low budget simple house

How do you make a house that suits your economy?

”Low budget simple house”this is a topic that we need to talk about today. With the economic downturn in many countries, many people’s dreams of housing have been broken. The main reason for this is that we need to spend a lot of money when we build a house.Can’t we build a house at a low cost? And if it is built like that, will the condition of the house deteriorate?
These are the problems we face most of the time.

We can build Low budget simple house

Low budget simple house

Let’s talk about it. In making such a house, we have to change everything from our mind to external activities to some extent. 

1. When we think of a house, we all think of a large living room, several rooms, several bathrooms, a large kitchen, and some large-scale things like two or three floors. First of all, we need to get rid of that mentality. That is the first step to building a house at a low cost.

2. By building a single-story house instead of a multi-story house, you can significantly reduce your expenses. When building a multi-story house, things like concrete pillars, concrete floors, and foundations have to be very strong and cost a lot.
In a single-story house, we can save on all these costs.
But nowadays, the cost of land is very high, so you have to buy small plots when buying land in urban areas. In such cases, if building a single-story house is not sufficient for your needs, building a maximum two-story house is advisable.

3. As the next step of Low budget simple house, you can reduce the size of the house. You can save a lot of money by planning your house and including only the elements you need.
Bathrooms are especially important here. We have to spend a lot of money to build a bathroom. Therefore, you can save a lot of money by building one bathroom per floor rather than building several bathrooms in the bedrooms.

4. The next thing we need to think about is the materials that will be used to build a house.
We are usually accustomed to high-cost patterns such as clay bricks, (the best type of brick) painted walls, cement plaster, marble floors, and teak doors and windows.
But if we use these things, we cannot reduce the cost. There are various substitutes for both of these all today. As an example, I will say a few.Things like cement bricks instead of clay bricks. (There are many other types of substitutes.) You can renovate old windows and doors instead of new doors and windows.
Placing unplastered walls with brick color has become a beautiful art today. We need to find substitutes that can be done at a low cost. Here, the support of an architect will be more important for you because they are constantly aware of such substitutes.

No matter how much we talk about low costs, we cannot prevent the cost of some things. For example, we need to make the foundation of a house strong. The size and strength of the poles needed to support the houses is important to us.Because there are several factors that determine the durability of a house.So if we can’t prevent those things, we need to think of other things that can reduce the cost.I have just shown some such things.

So, if you want to build at a Low budget simple house, there are several other important things in addition to this. That is the social opinion. If you are a person who thinks too much about the social opinion, this method is not suitable for you. It is your responsibility to make the houses you live in so that they are easy on your pocket as well as your mental health. And this will be a new experience for you and many others

Low budget simple house

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