Nature Garden – Attracting Wildlife to Your Home Garden

Friends, come to my green world.

For those of you who love green life, I give a little different, but I came up with a beautiful idea that everyone likes. Let’s talk about it today. We like to spend more time in a natural environment because of the mental freedom and physical health that we get in that environment. Whether our garden is big or small, we can use it as a “Nature Garden”.

When making a Nature Garden, it is unique to collect animals such as bees, butterflies, and birds suitable for a garden. Shelters, habitats, holes, and water sources should be installed in the garden for them. We will talk about how to do this very easily, step by step.

Plant for pollinators.

When building a wildlife garden, the types of plants to be planted are an important factor. It is best to include more types of flowers that are planted naturally and require minimal maintenance.

According to plant researchers, pollinators such as bees, butterflies, moths, and birds go from flower to flower in search of nectar, spreading pollen and fertilizing plants.

Generally, we can identify the best flowers for pollinators as monocotyledonous plants, polycotyledonous plants, or highly bred plants.

We should be careful to choose different plants so that they bloom in the garden throughout the year. The more variety, the more animals that come to it.

Making a bee house

We talked at the beginning about why it is important to establish habitats for animals when creating a wildlife park. Making bee houses is one step here. You can make bee houses in a quiet corner of the garden.

I will tell you something that many people didn’t know until now. We think that bees serve the queen and produce honey. But the truth is, only 10% of bees do this work. The other 90% are these flies that live in isolation. So these solitary honeybees are important pollinators. Making a honey bee house in your garden will help solitary honey bees.

Creating a wildlife pond

All plants and animals need water, so it is very important to create a pond in a wildlife park.

A garden with a pond is very beneficial for animals that lay eggs in the water. Also, a pond is ideal for animals to bathe in, as well as for drinking. So we can turn such a garden into a wonderful place.

The next place we are afraid of is the space where we are going to build a pond. We really don’t need a lot of space. We have a small, sunny place where we can get the best results. Plants should be planted around the pond and inside the pond.

If none of these are available, you can make a bird bath in the garden. It is important to always fill it with clean water.

Avoid using chemical pesticides

Chemical pesticides should not be used in any way in a natural wildlife garden. Insects are a main part of a nature garden. Therefore, insects can be destroyed due to toxic pesticides. In order to maintain the ecological balance of a garden built by giving priority to nature, we must have chemicals.

Natural pest control

When making a wildlife garden, accepted pest control and organic gardening are important. We can control pests in some ways.

01. Hand picking

This is more suitable for larger pests, such as snails, than for very small pests. Although this is a bit laborious, it is a very effective method.

02. Natural predation

How beautiful would it be to create an environment where birds could live in the garden? So why don’t you do it? This will be very suitable for our garden because birds are against pests.

03. bird feeder

We can make a place for the birds to get food in the garden. This way, we can help the birds find food throughout the year.

Plant the right flowers

A wildlife garden should be planted with flowers and plants that attract animals.

Add a balcony bird feeder

You may or may not have had a garden, You can place a bird feeder on your balcony. This is an alternative for those who don’t have a garden.

Delay in Garden Maintenance

This may be something you didn’t know until now. Let the grass in your garden grow to some extent. By leaving seeds and flowers in the grass or plants for some time, they can be eaten by animals such as birds and insects. We can grow nectary grasses in the garden. Then we don’t need to cut the grass quickly.

Installation of bird boxes

Bird box design is very important for you to attract birds to your garden. It is pleasing to the ear as well as to your resting eye. Also, birds are important to protect the garden from animals that damage the garden, like slugs and snails.

Make a Bug Hotel

Making a bug hotel like this is very useful for you to protect the garden from pests.

Add native trees and grasses

If you plant fairly large trees and grass in the garden, it will also be easier to provide shelter and food for the birds. If necessary, you can also plant some fast-growing evergreens to shelter them throughout the season.


A Nature Garden is not only a garden that beautifies your backyard. It is a wonderful place that brings coolness to the garden and brings mental and physical healing to the residents. By including various plants and animals in such a garden in a proper balance, we can create a wildlife garden that is different from the beauty of the community. If we all make an eco-friendly garden like this, it is not only for us; it may be the best step to creating a world of greenery.

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